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Frequently Asked Questions & Adverse Weather Policy 


What happens when I book?

You will receive a booking confirmation email immediately. We aim to call you a day or two before your booking date/event to confirm all details like exact times, parking, best access etc.

Do you cover Middlesbrough and Teesside?

Yes we cover Middlesbrough Stockton On Tees and the full Teesside area.

Can I pay in advance or pay a deposit?

Yes, please call us after your booking confirmation email and we can organise this for you.

How long does it take to set up?

For most of our inflatables it takes us around 15-25 minutes to set up and around the same for collection.

It's been raining and the bouncy castle is wet or full of water what do I do next? 

Please avoid turning off the inflatable during rainy weather, as doing so can cause it to accumulate water and become waterlogged. To dry out a wet inflatable after rain, first of all, remove any excess water with a sweeping brush, mop, squeegee, or sponge. Next, enlist the children's help by providing them with towels to dry the inside of the inflatable. This cooperative effort will help speed up the drying process, and the children will likely be enthusiastic to lend a hand we promise . By following these steps, the inflatable should dry out fairly quickly and be ready for use again in no time.

Do you set up if it is raining?

We aim to always put out our inflatables and carry out your booking as long as the weather is not dangerous. Most of our inflatables have rain covers and so are fine for light showers during the day. We will only cancel a booking if it is heavy rain or the wind is at a dangerous speed -over 20mph (the law is 24mph but we allow for error). The majority of the time when there is rain it is ok to go ahead, though this is something we discuss a day or two before and come to a mutual agreement.

Can you put a Bouncy Castle on artificial grass or concrete?

Yes we can set up one of our inflatables on artificial lawns and concrete. We use weights instead of stakes when setting up on artificial lawns so there is no damage to them. On concrete we use weights with tarpaulins to protect the underneath of the inflatable. When setting up on real grass we will use stakes.

If I hire multiple products can I get a discount?

When hiring multiple products we can discuss about creating a personalised bundle for your event. Please call to discuss.

Is there a delivery charge?

There is no delivery charge for the majority, however, if you are outside of our free delivery radius (Teesside) there will be a small delivery charge. When booking it will tell you the price for delivery in your area.

How much space do I need?

The size of the inflatables are written in their descriptions, you will need an additional 1ft of clear space around the inflatable -this includes branches, raised beds etc. For larger inflatables like our big slides we ask for an additional 2ft. If booking for an indoor hall you will need to take into consideration the 1ft additional space on top of the height of the inflatable as it cannot be touching the ceiling, low hanging lights etc.

What if I have measured wrongly and it does not fit?

We will do our best to provide you with a replacement inflatable which does fit where possible. This is dependant on what is left and available and if we have time to do so. Please measure clear space only, so not from fence to fence, please take in to consideration raised beds, flower beds, branches etc.

What is the latest collection time?

Our latest collection time is around 7.00pm. Occasionally we are asked to collect the castle at a later time, sometimes we are able to do this but it is dependant upon the days schedule etc. If we can it may incur a £20 fee. Please call to discuss. During winter we can only collect during daylight hours if your inflatable is outside and so this will be before the usual time of 7.00pm, this does not apply if your inflatable is set up inside.

What time do you collect if I have it overnight?

We aim to collect the inflatable in the AM period, we will discuss arrangements with you beforehand.

Are your inflatables clean and safe?

Yes we pride ourselves on keeping our inflatables in very clean, sanitised condition and they also pass all of their annual safety tests.

Are you Insured?

Yes we have public liability insurance which you can view. 

How long do I get the Inflatable for?

 We do not charge less for shorter usage or by the hour hire time is around 7 hours but you decide.

Do your inflatables run off of electricity or generators?

Our Inflatables run off of an electric supply so when booking please make sure you have an electric point available for us. We have long extension cables available. There are rare occasions where we can run from a generator as long as you have cleared permission from a specific area. We will provide you generator at an extra cost - ca £65 per unit.

Adverse Weather Policy

In the event of rain on the day of your booking.

If the weather forecast is predicting heavy rain for the full duration of your hire you can choose to either go ahead with the booking, change the date of your booking and retain your 10% deposit or you can cancel entirely in which case you will be refunded (if paid) 90% of the overall cost of your booking. Please make this decision 24 hours before the time of your booking. If the weather forecast is predicting a few scattered showers throughout the duration of your hire we will still expect the booking to go ahead. Please see FAQ's for the quickest and easiest way to dry an inflatable after rain.

In the event of strong winds on the day of your booking,

if the weather forecast predicts wind gusts of 24mph or higher, we will still come to your site and conduct an inspection of the area. According to BSEN14960 regulations, inflatables should not be used in wind speeds exceeding 24mph. We will use a hand-held anemometer to monitor wind speeds in the safest area of your garden or venue before deciding if it is safe to set up. We may leave an anemometer with you so that the supervising adult can check wind speeds periodically during your hire ( full Instructions will be provided on the day of the booking.). If we determine that the area is unsafe for setting up the inflatable, we will have to cancel. In this case, you can change the date of your booking or receive a 90% refund of the total cost of your hire (if already paid). 

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